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Ashley Larsen | Founder

I’ve always had an interest in marketing, particularly the psychology behind great marketing campaigns. While studying psychology in college, I built my first home in Central Alberta. Collaborating with residential construction pros on my own property introduced me to the local industry and ignited my interest in interior design and homebuilding.

Soon after, I entered the residential construction industry first as a sales associate, then transitioned into my role as New Home Planner. For nearly a decade, I guided new property owners through the process of purchasing and building their dream homes on time and within budget. Working with Alberta’s top homebuilders and designers, industry vendors, construction teams, and legal counsel, I got to know the creative and hardworking people who’ve literally built our community from the ground up.

When the real estate, renovation, and new construction industry took a big hit a few years ago, I wanted to continue my work in this field, but in a new capacity. I saw that residential and commercial builders and designers need help marketing and promoting their services. So, I expanded my skills with a Certificate in Marketing and Communications from Mount Royal University.

Now I serve local industry businesses and non-profits, specializing in social media management, marketing, and brand development. I’ve spearheaded two large-scale rebranding campaigns while building my clients’ social media following and attendance at industry events. I look forward to discussing social media strategies to expand your organization’s online reach and engagement.

I work remotely, so when I’m not hanging out with the best coworkers in Red Deer (my dogs), you can find me working from cafés in Europe, beaches in Asia, and airports all over the world.

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Dana Kantrowitz | Writer and Editor

I’m a word nerd. As a former English professor, I’ve always been the friend or family member people turn to when they need to sound good on paper. These days, I love doing the same for my clients. I actually enjoy the challenge of taking industry jargon and transforming it into accessible, useful, and engaging content that inspires readers to take action.

With two decades of professional experience, I’ve written for small business owners, a university communications team, and a major medical system. I also edit books for new authors. As a team member of Evergreen Social Media, I can freshen up the copywriting that’s gone stale on your company website, create blog posts to boost your SEO, generate ideas for your new branding tagline, and breathe new life into your organization’s social media posts. You may also want my help with writing or editing your company’s staff bios, radio advertising scripts, and presentations at industry events.

Based in the U.S., I work remotely around the world, while remaining accessible and responsive to clients.

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Matthew Greenwood | Assistant

I have been supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses as a Virtual Assistant for over 4 years, assisting with social media strategy and implementation, customer service, and managing administrative responsibilities.

I work remotely from my home in Vancouver. I have yet to beat out my 2 cats for the Employee of the Month Award.